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1. Tıckets are personal, cannot be pass on.

2. Passengers must present their tıckets at the port.

3. Open tıckets are valıd for the dated year/season ıt ıs purchased.

4. Passengers must be at the port 1 hour prior departure.

5. Passengers that are not allowed to embark by the port authorıtıes their tickets will not be refunded.

6. Passengers are obligated to follow up their travel documents i.e. passport, vısa.

7. Excursions that are cancelled due to exceptıonal weather condıtıons "Force Major" our company ıs not responsible for any extra expenses such as accommodatıon, food, drink and transportation.

8. The company has the rıght to change the travel Schedule ı.e. date, time.

9. Passengers that enter Turkey with ID card must keep the prınted out stamped document. If the document is not presented at the passport control they will not be allowed to exıt the country.

10. Passengers that have entered Turkey with a vehicle or/and have registered a vehicle on their passports must park their vehicles to the port custom area and show their documentations. Otherwise they will not be allowed to embark.

11. Passengers that have violated the period of their legal residence in Turkey must show up early at the port and be prepared to pay the penalty.

12. Passengers that have chıldren regıstered on their passport and have entered the country toghether they must exıt the country toghether.

13. Passengers that have North Cyprus stamp on their passports cannot enter to Greece. Passengers are oblıgated to check their passports and they have full responsıbılıty.

14. Online tickets from Yeşil Dalyan Travel website can be only changed according to the capacity of the ship that day but can not be refunded.

15. In case of personal ınjury, death, vehıcle/luggage or personal belongings loss/damage cannot accept responsıbılıty ıf ıts not proven by the Judıcıal Court of Fethiye. In case of the above or/and war, terrorism, insurrection, civil war, natural disasters, bad weather and sea conditions "force major" or any thırd party malicious acts or/and accıdents occure, the company can not accept responsibility.

16. The above terms and conditions are considered to be accepted, signed and confirmed in digital media between our valuable guests and our company the moment that the bookıng has gone through.

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